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Share Photos and Videos as Private Message with Instagram Direct

In this article, you will learn the steps to create private conversations with your closest friends on Instagram with Instagram direct.

For What is the Instagram the Direct?

It is a function of the Instagram to this content share this photos and the videos Directly and privately with a Limited number of contacts, unlike doing SO the publicly and with all
the Instagram followers of the any person.
For What is IT for?

You CAN this content share this photos and the videos sent by Direct Instagram to share images withThis group could be formed by those closestWith In the this way, you CAN show For everyone your followers Those this photos of your interesting trips and places you have Explored, and the send Directly to your family pictures of your children or intimate Celebrations That will of not the BE of Interest to a wide-group of the users.

How does the Instagram the Direct work?

for Before sharing through the this Useful function, the make sure the you have downloaded the and installed in your mobile Image phone the latest version of the Instagram.

Then statement the open the the app and tap is the icon of your the inbox the which Appears in the upper right corner of the screen. This is the place where you can view

You can send a photo or private video

in the following steps; 1. Touch the button to take a photo or

2. Then select one of the creative Instagram filtersOr if you prefer, you do not

3. Now you have the option to share itThen select the latter option, touching on

4. Select the names of the people you wantYou can select up to 15 people to send this message and also write

5. Press the button "Send" and youYou have the shared the this You Directly the message and privately with all Those people you selected.

The Direct the Instagram lets you the know what people have the seen the private photo The That you have the shared, and the who of yet have not done The. At the same time you will know who